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We in CMN (and CGMC before it) have enjoyed a long history of publishing our own works. These have had a profound influence on the understanding of children, their gifts and needs in our Churches and organisations. More information can be found here.

Previous and current works include :

The Bible and Children : A book that indicates some of the ways in which different approaches may by made to sharing the Bible with children.
Download a Pdf of The Bible and Children ( 11 MB)

The Child in the Church : A ground-breaking report on the church’s need for children and the child’s place within the church. Published 1984 by the Britich Council of Churches.
Download a Pdf of The Child in the Church ( 57 MB)

Children and Holy Communion : A thought-provoking review of theory and practice in different denominations. Published 1989 by the British Council of Churches.
Download a Pdf of Children and Holy Communion (15 MB)

Through the eyes of a child: This major new book was commissioned to mark the 30th anniversary of the UN International Year of The Child. Using experience of children as a starting piont, the book explores twelve key theological themes. Available from Church House Publishing.

Taking Care : A pack produced by NCB with contributions from CGMC to provide training for leaders who have to relate to the issue of child abuse.

Unfinished Business : A report encouraging the churches to move forward with their ministry among children. This is accompanied by a study guide – Reflection and Action. These are available from MPH – call 01733 325002 or the MPH bookshop at 25 Marylebone Road, London, 020 7467 5106. Published by Church Council of Britain and Ireland.
Download a  Pdf of Unfinished Business (20 MB)

Tuesday’s Child : A reader for Christian educators. Available to purchase from Christian Education.
Download a Pdf of Tuesday’s Child ( 102 MB)

Core Skills for Children’s Work : Training material for all those working in children’s ministry written by CGMC and published by Barnabas BRF Further information on the book and CORE in your area visit the dedicated website The website includes new downloadable modules which extend the CORE programme.

Tuesday's ChildUnfinished businessCore Skills cover

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