CORE Skills for Children’s Work

The revised edition of Core Skills draws on new material and ideas developed by trainers who have been successfully using it for the past 6 years. Core Skills is an interdenominational modular scheme and offers foundational training for all those involved with church-based children’s ministry. It addresses the key areas of expertise set-out by the DFES in the Common Core of Skills and Knowledge for the Children’s Workforce.

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Core Skills Aims

  • To enable participants to develop an understanding of children and the skills required to nurture children on their journey of faith.
  • To provide the participants with the opportunity to explore and reflect on their own experience of faith and Christian journey, and the effect it has on their work with children.
  • To help participants capture and share a vision of a Christian community in which children’s faith is expressed and valued.

The six stand-alone sessions are:

  • Child  Development
  • Working  as a Team
  • Programme  Planning
  • Children  and Community
  • Pastoral  Awareness
  • The Bible and Prayer
  • Custom college essays

All six modules have been thoroughly field-tested as two-hour training programmes in ecumenical pilot groups. Each module is creative, thought-provoking, interactive and designed to inspire and refresh children’s workers at all levels of expertise and experience.

CORE Skills PowerPoints





Core_Skills_Revised_ Pastoral_Awareness


More Core

More Core Skills building on the foundational teaching in Core Skills for Children’s Work, this complementary resources offers six key modules of extended training for children’s workers and their teams of adult helpers and young leaders. More Core Skills for Children’s Work draws further on the comprehensive and highly accessible expertise of a wide ecumenical team under the guidance of the Consultative Group for Ministry Among Children (CGMC). Interdenominational in its approach, the material is suitable for anyone working with children in a church context.

The six sessions explore:Transitions, Special needs, Challenging behaviour, The global dimension, Children’s advocacy, Young leaders. All six modules have been thoroughly field-tested as two-hour programmes in ecumenical pilot groups. Price: £12.99 It can be purchased Click here

Core Skills for Churches

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